As a little girl around the age of 7 or 8, I was so keen to do things for my dad and mum though I could hardly find an opportunity to do so. At one time, I remembered well how my parents were pleased to find their shoes clean and shiny as they were about to go to a wedding party. To discover afterwards that I was the one to do the shoe polishing for them made my parents so proud of me, while I was extremely happy myself being able to do something for my beloved dad and mum. That was how I became a personal shoe polisher for them ever since. The fascination in shoes from childhood could have been a great inspiration for me to become a shoe maker right after graduation from college, and it was of course what I preferred to do more than anything else at that time.



     It all began in 1986 when I was graduated with a master’s degree in economics and made a decision to enter right into the shoe business. I started writing thousands of letters to shoe importers in many countries. Believe it or not, I received only ten replies out of those letters. That was where the making of shoes for women half the world has really begun. Shoes have since taken over my thoughts, my life and most of all, my soul.

     Then came the day when I was to be a bride myself. Ironical as it was, a shoe designer and manufacturer who was unable to find a perfect pair of shoes for her own wedding. I kept asking myself,"As a shoe maker who finds shoes a passion of her life, why doesn’t she create a beautiful and comfortable dream pair of shoes for a bride to wear on one of the most important days of her life?"

     It could have been luck or whatever that I have had Diane Hassall, a reputable English wedding shoes expert, as a head designer. With over 20 years of experience and with numerous awards behind her, Diane is regarded by many as the Queen of wedding footwear. Our team of outstanding, professional designers, have been doing their best in making quality wedding shoes, and hence have won world class British Bridal Shoes Awards for 3 times.

     This is where "Sirena", perfect wedding shoes for every bride, has begun. Sirena –

"made with love and passion"

     "Sirena" wedding shoes are uniquely outstanding in the designs that reflect the rich and cultivated culture of England and Europe. "Sirena" shoes are classic and timeless everywhere – be they Europe, America or Asia.

      "Sirena" shoes is an achievement that the shoe designer and maker devote their expertise and passion to. They are shoes that answer the current trends of world shoe fashion, not to mention the perfect blending of designers’ inspiration with high technical manufacturing process. Our team of shoe makers possess the track-record experience, skills and craftsmanship that are second to none. “Sirena” wedding shoes are successfully made to give utmost comfort to ensure that every bride will enjoy her wedding day to the last minute. “Sirena” shoes are made with love and passion to fulfill your dreams on your wedding and can be treasured as a keepsake of such a truly memorable day of a lifetime.