Of course, materials used for wedding shoes must be something more exquisite than those used for other kinds of shoes. Fabrics and embellishments to create wedding shoes should be something compatible with the color and type of texture used for the wedding dress. Fabric shoes in materials such as silk, satin and lace tend to be more delicate and elegant looking, whereas leather and suede fabrics are rarely used. All the designs of wedding shoes do have something uniquely outstanding about them; a pretty crystal buckle, a delicate embroidery and a beautiful beading. These are shoes that make every bride feel and look special on one of the most memorable days in their lives.

     A long wedding dress does not hide shoes. Your shoes will show when you lift your dress to walk, when you sit or even dance. If the shoes you wear are not matching up with the particular event, you are certainly breaking your big day, and you will regret it for the rest of your life. Keep in mind that this is your wedding day, you need to look perfectly radiant – from head to toe.

     You should buy your wedding shoes early, preferably at the same time or soon after you find your wedding dress. Remember to consider heel heights; slippers, flat heel, mid-heel or high heel, as you have to decide whether you need to maximize or minimize the height in order to complement that of your groom. Once you have established the height of the heel, you must get the shoes and try them on with the actual wedding dress, making sure that all adjustments to the length of the dress are properly made.

     For some this question is worth considering. It all depends, if the design of the wedding shoes is just elegant and timeless, there seems to be no objection for you to wear them on other occasions, perhaps to a friend’s wedding.

      A wedding day can be very stressful for the feet, as it involves a lot of walking, standing, posing for cameras and much more. The perfect wedding shoes will need to be of many things, but above all, they must be comfortable. Quality materials, together with the craftsmanship of a skillful shoemaker will keep your feet happy and make your wedding day a most memorable one.